Video: An Easy, Flat Fly-Front Zipper - Threads (aka THE BEST FLY FRONT ZIPPER TUTORIAL IN THE WORLD)


For years and years of sewing I was REALLY TERRIBLE at sewing in zippers in general and fly-front zippers in particular. I’d go to some serious lengths to avoid having to make them; once I even put in a topstitched-in zipper on the side seam of my pants and a fake topstitched fly in the front.

Then I saw this video.

This is literally the first method of sewing a fly-front zipper that ever made serious sense to me, and now the other methods and pattern instructions are a lot less frightening once I really “got it”. If you’re having trouble sewing in the fly of a pair of pants you’re making, try this! I hope it helps at least one person who’s struggling or dealing with con crunch.


Various ways of making armor and weapons.



Armour from foam flooring tiles -


Hair and make-up tutorial for Oda Nobunaga from Nobunaga the Fool, Cosmode, March 2014


Did you know you can use our large skin top styles like Eros to create many hair parts and bang styles? It’s very easy to do!
All you need is a spray bottle of water, a comb, and a blow dryer!
We are using our Eros in Natural Blonde for this tutorial. Our Eros wig features a lace front alternative hairline as well as a very big skin top! It spans the top front of the wig in a large U shape. This skin top allows the wig to be used for many different hair styles!
Read more on how to do this and see the instructions full sized:




My method is very winging it style with no exact science, but figured I would share on my Tumblr since I already typed it all out for a friend 

  1. I get about 2 yards of fabric to make pleats 1 1/2 in. and my waist is 35 in or so and it’s too big for me, so figure out what you have. Making it bigger is easier imo in the long run
  2. I measure up from the fold the length I want for the skirt (minus the 2 in or so for the waist band) so I don’t have to hem anything to make the bottom pretty
  3. cut that bitch to that length you figured out
  4. Iron that bitch out flaaat.
  5. Sit there and make the damn pleats. Get something to measure. It’s best to go one pleat at a time to make sure they’re super even. I measure 1 1/2 in and then pin it, then measure another 1 1/2 and pin it. Fold the fabric so the pins line up. You should have 1 1/2 in of fabric on top of 1 1/2 in of fabric! Hey first pleat!
  6. Iron it like crazy
  7. Pin the bottom of the pleat and the bottom of the pleat to keep it in place
  8. Repeat 5-7 until you have all your pleats 
  9. Baste stitch along the top to keep the pleats in place. 
  10. I like to stitch the inside pleats to help keep the shape (pic 1. The top layer is what it looks like on the outside, bottom layer what it looks like on the inside with the stitches along the inside of the pleats)
  11. Another helpful thing to keep the shape of the pleats is to top stitch an inch or two down the pleat at the waist (pic 2 & 3) If you did both 10 & 11 the inside should look like the unnumbered picture in the inside of the skirt (minus waist band and all so far)
  12. Since I didn’t have any science to the size and stuff, I figured out the actual size of the skirt that it needs to be to fit me. It works best to hide your seam and zipper if you can find a meeting of two pleats that fits your waist 
  13. I cut the inside of the pleat to make the seam so it hides and put the zipper in there and since I cut the inside of the pleat, hey the top pleat is still there and hides it! (pic 4 & 5)
  14. do yo waist band 
  15. eeeeeeey knife pleat skirt!

***OH YEAH IRON ALL THE DAMN TIME. Like after every step just iron just iron everything and when you’re done starch it and iron it more just iron the hell out of it without burning it and all


Coffee, acrylic paint and a little Alcohol. Made the paint watery and flexible. Wanted the dress to look water stained and dirty. Just need to add the blood red to the skirt and apron.

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So ruffles! They’re really simple and basic, but the way I learned to make them is so exhausting. What way is that? Well stitching with the longest stitch setting on my machine and pulling at the bottom thread to gather the fabric and pray the thread doesn’t break. But working in the costume shop has taught me a great and painless way to gather fabric for ruffles and I just have to share the revelation. 

So supplies you’ll need:

  • Machine obviously
  • Thread color of your fabric
  • Your fabric

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Zipper-dee-doo-da! Easy Zipper Tutorial


Recently a friend cam to me, troll-speckled fabric in hand, asking me for a lesson on making circle skirts.


While I will get to posting that eventually, for now I used our lesson to get photos for (in my opinion) the easiest way to install a zipper.

First, increase the…


Steampunk Bustle Skirt by /Golden Lasso Cosplay

ee the full tutorial here: