Gears of War - Silverback Cosplay by Aracknoid3

Photography by Angel León and Daym


no ur wonderously fabulous ;o god i can’t believe someones even asking me this lol

this was pretty experimental and i didn’t get very many good pictures i’m gomen ;v;


1: Black braided elastic (I think .36 width?)
2: 1/4 yd. 20 gauge clear vinyl
3: Eyelet pliers, 2 black (or silver) eyelets
4: 12 gauge silver floral wire
5: Fimo light air-dry clay
6: Pumpkin orange Gallery Glass window color
7: Silver spray paint (Any brand, but I tend to prefer Rust-oleum.)
8: Masking tape (again any brand)
9: (Not pictured) Heat gun
10: (Also not pictured) Hot glue, hot glue gun

Everything I used can be found at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics and Crafts.

I started by making a wire frame and shaping it to my face.

Next I taped the vinyl to the wire frame and used the heat gun to shape it. The 1/4 yard gives you a lot to work with so you have some wiggle room (about 4 tries) to mess around with it. You might need to put in a couple folds, as you can see on the sides and on the nose. (sorry you can’t see the vinyl but i promise it’s there.)

After shaping the vinyl and making sure it was at least somewhat solid I removed the middle wire in the front, then I painted the mask with the window paint.

After the glue dried, I used the eyelet pliers to make holes for the elastic. I just threaded the elastic through the hole and tied a knot at the end. I used the Fimo Air to make the screw thingers. After they dried I spraypainted them silver and used hot glue to attach them to the mask.

I masked out the rectangle on the nose with masking tape and paper towels to block the rest of the mask and sprayed it with the silver paint.

And that’s that! I think that’s everything… @v@ Let me know if you still have any questions!

Foam Fabrication Tip: Foam Ruler


A great tip from WM Armory that shows you how to make a ruler that takes the thickness of EVA foam into consideration and gives you accurate measurements.


Catbus CATBUS CATBUSSS!!! (and totoro + forest spirit)!

I designed all three dresses, and each dress is made and worn by the cosplayer themselves.

Catbus- sakuranym

Totoro- Piko Cosplay

Forest Spirit- Honey Dumpling Cosplay

Fan Cosplay Tutorial - Gaige Robot Arm Tutorial - Gearbox Software


Gaige cosplayers! Gearbox just posted a tutorial and some great reference pictures for Gaige’s arm. Definitely worth a look if you want to cosplay her at some point.


Click images to enlarge! Since an anon has been asking so nicely, I made this little tutorial walkthrough about how I paint my T-shirts. 


Click here for the original tutorial page on DevilKaito’s DeviantArt

Sweet Jesus, this took me forever because I’m not too familiar with German, but I’ve translated this into English.

My apologies in advance to any German-speaking people if I’ve butchered this, but with Google Translate and studying these pictures, I’m pretty sure I’ve got the gist of it. Anyway! Here’s the approximate translation of the tutorial for these rad-looking horns!

Tutorial for Horns, by DevilKato:

1: First, consider how thick your horns should be. Mine are 14cm at the bottom, 2cm on the sides, and 7cm at the middle of the peak. However, you can make them as you want. As for the shape, I chose points, which look nicely thorny. You can paint them whatever color you like. Additional pieces should be 5mm smaller, so at the bottom they’d be 13.5cm, 13cm, 12.5cm and so on.

2. Now that the pieces are cut out, sew the edges together with a needle and thread. Yes, it’s a bit of work but that’s just how it goes. Be careful not to pull too tightly or your foam will tear. I have used white foam here so it is easier to see.

3. I have 9 pieces, but it is up to you how many you want. The last bit is similar to the other, but smaller than the smallest ring. The tip can be as long as you like - mine is about 10cm. Start at the bottom and draw a line to where you want the tip to be. Cut the shape out and sew the edges together. 

4. Put the pieces together to make sure they fit. You can adjust them to give the horns a bend, or just let them lean back. That’s the nice thing about this material, you can do with it what you like. 

5. Glue the parts together. Superglue along the lower edge of each piece, pushing it onto the piece beneath it. This is the part where you can bend or shape the horn. After everything has dried, you can cover the seams, which I haven’t done yet. Though you certainly could with paint or fabric(??). Or you can just spraypaint the whole thing.

6. After the horns are painted, they look like this. I used silver spraypaint, which looks nice and is easy to apply. It didn’t get all over, so there are still black foam parts showing. But that doesn’t look bad. To attach these to a wig, I put four threads through the inside, pulled through the wig, and knotted them together. But you could also just fasten them to your own hair. For example, by attaching a wire inside and hot gluing to a headband. That’s up to you, but certainly an option if you aren’t using a wig.

7: Tips/Ideas
Reinforce with iron-on fleece to strengthen the horns (I think. Google Translate got sorta wonky at this part.) I have not tried this yet, but I might to add more strength. It also might give a nice effect like snakeskin or something. I’ll see if I try this again. You could also try working with liquid latex. 

8: Closing
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. If you want me to do something like this again, please ask. Yes, the horns are crooked and that is intentional. I have decided to not always have perfect horns unless requested. 
Yours, Kaito



This is such good cosplay but who’s the cosplayer?

cosplayer is rui


**Tutorial: Making Your Own Wefts**

(Note I had a hell of a time trying to get these uploaded…)

Interested in making your own wefts out of loose fiber, but the fibers aren’t long enough to use the fold over method? Well, with some excess fabric, thread, and tacky glue, you can make usable wefts that are thick and brushable! Click the above link to learn how!


I was telling people I’d link them to a lot of cosplay help things over the weekend, but I forgot who for what and everything. So I’m just going to make a big post with all of the tutorials that I reference a lot/just think are very informative in general.