Latin American author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1982, died Thursday. He was 87. Garcia Marquez, the master of a style known as magic realism, was and remains Latin America’s best-known writer.

His novels were filled with miraculous and enchanting events and characters; love and madness; wars, politics, dreams and death. And everything he had written, Garcia Marquez once said, he knew or heard before he was 8 years old.

Chilean novelist Ariel Dorfman says Marquez’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech was one of the author’s most important messages to the world.

"Garcia Marquez is speaking about all the people who are marginal to history, who have not had a voice," Dorfman says. "He gives a voice to all those who died. He gives a voice to all those who are not born yet. He gives a voice to Latin America."

Read our full appreciation here.

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Anonymous said: Why haven't you posted a picture of yourself yet?


Because, I’m not prepared to reveal that I’m actually Mario Lopez.

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A Bite Of The Big Apple of the Day: Andrew Clancy spent a year shooting random scenes around New York, the end result of which is this lovely five-minute compilation aptly entitled “A Year in New York.”

Music: “We Don’t Eat” by James Vincent McMorrow.


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The Problem With The Big Bang Theory…


I’ve been meaning to post something about The Big Bang Theory for a while now but it’s taken me ‘till now to really understand what it is about the show that makes me uncomfortable. I’m not exactly a believer in the whole “only write about the things you like, don’t trash the things you don’t” trend which seems to be plaguing comments sections in negative articles lately, but I wanted to be able to really examine why I don’t like TBBT rather than just slagging it off. My main questions being - Why don’t I like this anymore? Why do I feel uncomfortable watching it? And why do I get so annoyed when I see people sing its praises online? The thing which really sparked this post was seeing a raft of comments on Facebook, below the last round of voting in Television Without Pity’s Tubey Awards, claiming The Big Bang Theory to be “the best comedy on TV”. This made me angry so instead of posting an impulsive comment calling out their bad taste which I’d probably regret later, I decided to really analyse why seeing comments like that made me so mad when previously, although I didn’t really love the show, I’d never considered myself as disliking The Big Bang Theory.

Hell, I even have season one on dvd, it’s sitting right between Battlestar Galactica and Bored To Death in my alphabetised collection.

And here, I think, is where my problem with The Big Bang Theory lies…

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Title: Kill My Boyfriend
Artist: Natalia Kills
Played: 20373 times

Natalia Kills || Kill My Boyfriend

i'll do the time
you're my sweetest crime

Video: An Easy, Flat Fly-Front Zipper - Threads (aka THE BEST FLY FRONT ZIPPER TUTORIAL IN THE WORLD)


For years and years of sewing I was REALLY TERRIBLE at sewing in zippers in general and fly-front zippers in particular. I’d go to some serious lengths to avoid having to make them; once I even put in a topstitched-in zipper on the side seam of my pants and a fake topstitched fly in the front.

Then I saw this video.

This is literally the first method of sewing a fly-front zipper that ever made serious sense to me, and now the other methods and pattern instructions are a lot less frightening once I really “got it”. If you’re having trouble sewing in the fly of a pair of pants you’re making, try this! I hope it helps at least one person who’s struggling or dealing with con crunch.




Hey guys! Here’s a good, FREE art program with some amazing fluid features! Go to 7:00 to see some examples of how the program works.

If Photoshop is too expensive for you, this program—Verve—might be just the ticket! And I swear, people are getting texture effects I’ve never seen come out of Photoshop proper. 

Even if you don’t feel like you need it, recommend it to your friends who might! It does require a fairly recently graphics card, but the size of the program itself is very small, so if you have a laptop for example it might be just the thing. 


mother of god O_O


one of my favorite headcanons is that Rei and Rin always try to see who knows more English and then they start screaming random english words at each other

You know what’s hella? Going to an anime con! Can’t afford it? Don’t worry bros, I got your back. Giveaway ends May 31 April 21 at 11:59 EST.

As I said, you don’t have to follow me. If there are any updates to the giveaway, you can find them here.

  • you don’t have to follow me
  • you MUST be 18 yrs old or have your parents permission.
  • you must be willing to give me your address.
  • you must have a paypal, i won’t send that much money in cash through the mail.
  • non-us residents can enter.
  • likes count.
  • reblog until your little heart pops.
  • winner will be chosen through
  • 1 badge to ANY con of your choice. Don’t want to go to an anime con? Fine, go a Star Wars one. Or Power Rangers, MLP, it don’t matter. Note badge cost must not exceed $70 $100 usd
  • $100 to go to cosplays. Don’t cosplay? Have a 100 bucks.
  • 2 wigs from Arda Wigs. Don’t want a wig? Extra 100 bucks!
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Back when I was in school for graphic design and I tutored people, a lot of people complained about not being able to afford software (because it is ridic expensive). Autodesk offers free software (with a 36 month license key), to ANY students. Want to learn how to animate? Go grab Maya and learn! Wanna learn how to model characters or just general objects? Go grab 3DS Max! Or maybe sculpting is your thing? Go grab Mudbox and have fun! Or grab Sculptris. There’s a fuckton of programs to mess with and learn things, and no need to go waste time on a torrent. 

The only downside to the license is it’s not for commercial use. Technically you don’t have to be a student either and really who’s gonna know but it’s a great way to practice and learn something new! You are still allowed to showoff your stuff and throw it in your portfolio, so maybe one day you can get that animating job and not have to waste 3k on one program.

All those icons in that third photo? Those are all free programs/apps you can get. They’re all full versions, and come with tutorials from basic to advanced stuff. For both Windows and Mac too. 

So go sign up and, go grab some stuff. There’s really no reason not to.